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Our passion is to help children, teens and adults break the shackles of silence, and find their voices! We have been doing exactly that, over the last 30 years, and have guided thousands of people worldwide toward improved social communication, lower anxiety, and a freer, happier life. We have unique, tried-and-tested resources and treatment options, and thousands of chatty, satisfied clients.

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Our guiding motto is that TREATMENT MUST HELP THE CHILD OR TEEN IN HIS DAILY LIFE! Take a look and see how we can help you wherever you live; whether you are a parent, teacher, therapist, or a person who cares about someone suffering from selective mutism.

How we can help your child overcome selective mutism

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Talks and Tips about Selective Mutism

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Dos and don’ts for teachers
Dos and don’ts for teachers
The dandelion child, the orchid child
The dandelion child, the orchid child
Playdates are important!
Playdates are important!
Talking playing sessions with parents!
Talking playing sessions with parents!
TedX talk 2020
TedX talk 2020
Anxiety about our new-normal lives
Anxiety about our new-normal lives
Overcome SM during online school
Overcome SM during online school
Leverage the summer to beat SM
Leverage the summer to beat SM
Issues regarding selective mutism
Issues regarding selective mutism
Teachers: visit the SM child at home!
Teachers: visit the SM child at home!
Mindfulness and SM
Mindfulness and SM
Building an exposure stepladder for SM
Building an exposure stepladder for SM
Explaining SM to classmates
Explaining SM to classmates

Our Treatment and Training Options

We offer rich and varied resources, distilled over years of clinical experience treating thousands of clients, pinpointing the tools and strategies that best helped children/teens overcome selective mutism:

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10 Sessions Guidance/Treatment with Ruth Perednik

10 one-on-one live zoom sessions, with psychologist Ruth Perednik, who will guide parents, teachers, key workers, and sometimes the child or teen, to acquire understanding and strategies that facilitate progress toward overcoming SM. An outstanding treatment option.


Intensive One-Week Treatment in your home and school

A 5-day intensive intervention with psychologist Ruth Perednik, or one of her team; initially she’ll help your child speak to her at your home, then ease her/him toward talking in school, and wherever she/he is selectively silent. She’ll work with parents, teachers and the child/teen.

Parents’ and Therapists’ training courses

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Parents’ Online Course

This course teaches parents, teachers and key-workers or therapists to understand SM, and to implement hands-on tools to help your child. It is made up of 9 sessions, each of which is itself broken down into 5-9 videos, with a total of over 10 teaching hours, plus forms, case studies and bonus materials.


Therapists’ Online Course

For therapists wishing to acquire a deep understanding of SM, this course is made up of 12 video sessions covering diagnosis, etiology, causes, clinical presentation, language issues, research, guidance for parents and teachers, and mainly, treatment, treatment, treatment – for younger children, teens and adults. It includes 4 treatment protocols.


Live Therapists’ Online Course

For therapists who want to learn directly from the expert, this is a twice-yearly fascinating course, live on zoom with Psychologist Ruth Perednik, in which you can participate, ask questions and contribute your experience.  It is made up of 12 X 1.5 hour long interactive sessions  covering all that the online course above covers, with a dynamic international group of therapists specializing in selective mutism.

Lectures and Workshops for parents, teachers, and therapists live/ online tailored to your needs

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2-day, 16-hour Workshop for Therapists: Understanding and Treating Selective Mutism

Therapists will acquire a deep understanding of SM and a range of treatment methods enabling them to specialize in treating SM.


3-hour Workshop for Schools

Ensure that your school staff understands and is equipped with tools to help the child suffering from SM.  It includes causes and symptoms of selective mutism, how it presents in schools, and hands on strategies that staff can implement immediately to help their students overcome SM.

Contant Us

Contact us to hear more about our treatment and training options - our passion is helping children and teens find their voices!

Books in English, Hebrew and Chinese

Psychologist Ruth Perednik shares with readers valuable information about what SM is, how to diagnose it, what causes it, and mainly – how to treat SM! Her book – currently translated into Chinese, Portuguese and Hebrew, contains sections aimed at the three groups of significant adults for children and teens with SM – parents, teachers and therapists or key-workers.

It shows how parents, teachers and therapists are each in their own right potentially able to carry out interventions that will help the child or teen break down the barriers that are keeping him silent.  When parents, teachers and key-workers build a joint treatment plan, this generates tremendous momentum for change, towards a freer, happier, more communicative life for their child.

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