Inviting friends home

Inviting classmates home to play can considerably help your child to overcome SM. If he speaks to his friend at your home, then a big barrier will have been broken—the classmate will have heard his voice—and that will make it easier for him to speak freely in school. And if more friends come, and he speaks to them too, this will further advance his progress. Even if he doesn’t manage to speak to his friends at home, but communicates nonverbally and enjoys their company, this will facilitate greater social competence in school.

Friends should be chosen who suit your child’s personality and whom he likes. The teacher can advise you as to whom she considers to be compatible. When these play-dates take place, do all you can to ensure that they are enjoyable and go smoothly. A socially shy child may need some behind-the-scenes assistance. You could plan an enjoyable activity, a special or new game, an outing, or some attractive arts and crafts activity. You can also help ensure that the house is peaceful and that any antagonistic siblings (if an issue) are otherwise engaged. If your child has nurturing, fun siblings, it may be preferable for them to be present! Frequent, enjoyable play-dates truly facilitate beating SM.

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