Magical moments of change!!!!

One of our amazing therapists, Limur, describes one of the life-changing therapies she has carried out this year. Stay posted – more MMOC to come! 

In August 2020, Meli was silent and scared in the presence of anyone outside her nuclear family – a deer in the headlights look when peers or adults approached. In Kindergarten she was stilted – didn’t talk, play, run or laugh. Now 4 months later (despite 2 lockdowns!) Meli is energetic, friendly, talkative and happy with friends in kindergarten!

This is what it took: A small steps program including 3 meetings at Meli’s home during which she gradually warmed up to Limur’s presence and forged a friendly chatty relationship with her. Then 15 sessions in school, initially with Limur, recreating the verbal home relationship, then adding in peers and staff, finally taking the therapy from the designated room to the public areas.

Meli’s parents couldn’t be more thrilled, seeing their child thriving – skipping happily to school!



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