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Our Treatment Options

Children or teens with selective mutism suffer; they can’t be the relaxed, communicative people they are at home! Yet there is effective, evidenced-based treatment which has helped thousands of children find their voices – take a look at how we can help your child move from silence to speech.

Treatment options

10 Sessions’ Live Zoom Treatment to Help Your Child Overcome Selective Mutism

Wherever you live – you can have access to the highest level of  guidance – pioneer SM therapist Ruth Perednik, who has helped thousands of children throughout the world overcome selective mutism. This treatment includes 10 one-on-one sessions with psychologist Ruth Perednik, who will guide parents, teachers, key workers, and sometimes the child or teen, to acquire and implement understanding and strategies enabling the child/teen to progress toward overcoming SM. 

In the initial session you will discuss your child’s background, how his/her  SM manifests, and you will plan treatment.  In the subsequent sessions you may include the teacher or school staff, to build a treatment plan in school for them, and sometimes a key-worker in the school is chosen to carry out interventions to move your child forward to improved social communication. Parents will be guided through a wealth of tools and insights in order to help their child at home and the world at large!

You will receive in addition a complementary 9 session online video course giving you in depth understanding and strategies to help your child.

Please press here to schedule a free 15 minute consultation to see if this is just what your child needs to overcome selective mutism

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Intensive one-week treatment in your home and school

A 5-day intensive intervention with psychologist Ruth Perednik, or one of her team; initially she’ll help your child speak to her, then help her/him to talk in school, and wherever she/he is selectively silent. She’ll work with parents, teachers and the child/teen.  This is an almost magical intervention – seeing how much a child can be helped in a short space of time!  Press here to schedule a free 15 minute consultation to see if this treatment suits your child’s needs